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In January of 2019, the founders of the Stratford & District Historical Society (2019), Mary Jane Amey, Carole Huband and Sandra Huntley began work to establish a historical society to celebrate our local history and the people who contributed to its richness and diversity. Mary Jane Amey was the author of the constitution and by-laws.  The late Rick Huband and Mary Jane Amey contributed the fees for incorporation into the Ontario Historical Society.

Are you seeking historical research or have genealogy questions?

Thank you for your interest in our society. 

Although we are a historical society, we are a non-profit volunteer run group which has limitations

We unfortunately do not have the volunteers or funds it takes to do research for individuals or other groups

Our mission is to present the public with projects about local history people, places and events. This takes a lot of volunteer hours and fund raised monies which leaves no extra for projects outside the society. 

We highly recommend the Stratford-Perth Archives for your research project. 

Stratford – Perth Archives 

RR 5, 4273 Line 34 

Stratford, ON 

N5A 6S6 

(519) 271 -0531 ext 259 


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The Stratford & District Historical Society


SDHS Executive

President: Jayne Trachsel

Vice-President: Carole Huband

Treasurer: Allan Tye

Membership Coordinator: Mary Walton

Secretary: Pat Bolton

Programme & Facebook Co-ordinator: Nancy Musselman

Newsletter Editor: Carole Huband

Video Documentary Production & Website Design: Andrew C. Brown

City Hall Built 1898
City Hall Built 1898

Keeping History Alive in Stratford

We are all shaped by the past, while we live in the present, and keep an eye on the future. We are making history every day.

R. Thomas Orr reflected this concept when as the Chair of the Stratford Library Board, he assumed direction of the Stratford Historical Society in 1900. Both the Library and the Society collected artifacts from all parts of Perth County to display in the History Room at the Library, up until 1932 (Stratford’s Centennial Year).

Subsequently, the Stratford Historical Society became the Perth County Historical Foundation and served as guardian of the Stratford and Perth County Historical Collection until 1972. The collection is now owned jointly by the City of Stratford and Perth County, and is maintained by the Stratford Perth Museum Association.

And more recently the Perth County Historical Foundation was renamed the Stratford Perth Heritage Foundation at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors held on December 4, 2013, with a full focus on Fryfogel’s Tavern and Arboretum.

This leaves a niche for a public education-focused historical society to grow and thrive in Stratford and District. A dedicated group of Stratford residents are in the process of setting up such a society. We look forward to your joining our efforts as we honour those who went before us.

Perth Country Court House Built 1887
Perth Country Court House Built 1887


The purpose of the Stratford and District Historical Society (2019) is:

• To advance education by improving the public’s understanding and awareness of the history of Stratford and the surrounding district;

• To celebrate local history and honour the people who contributed to its richness and diversity;

• To work within the existing historic network that collects, preserves, exhibits and publishes material relative to Stratford and District’s heritage and history.

First Town Hall Built 1857
First Town Hall Built 1857

Proposed Activities:

• Researched historic lectures by members and guests;

• Historic walking & boat tours, and educational material to support these;

• Presentations by members of their personal collections;

• Replicating historic events, create displays, exhibitions and performances;

• Development of an on-line presence to distribute local history;

• Any other historic public education activities that may arise and supporting programs offered by others within the historic network.

Early view of the market behind the first city hall
Early view of the market behind the first city hall
Wellington Street 1890s
Wellington Street 1890s
The original north facing entrance to the public library
The original north facing entrance to the public library

Photos on this page courtesy of Stratford Perth Archives and Library Canada