Around Market Square – Walking Tour Success

Thank you for taking part in our walking tour Around Market Square.

Our first public event of the year was enjoyed by all who participated, after inactivity since our last event in January 2020.

We at the Stratford & District Historical Society look forward to offering many more events for the public’s interest.

There is so much unique history and heritage to be appreciated surrounding the Queen of the Square, City Hall. Tour guides related the past history of buildings, those who built and occupied them through explanations and historical photos.

The market square is a place of relaxation now and was once a very busy marketplace. As you sit there or walk around take time to really look at the structure of the buildings and all the detail tradesmen used to build an exterior of magnificent design.

Our history must be preserved and appreciated for years to come. To do this the Heritage Conservation District needs to be expanded. (

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-Nancy Musselman