AVON CREST – New Documentary In Pre-Production – We Want You To Tell Your Stories!

Unveiling the Legacy of Avon Crest: Your Stories Needed!

The Architectural Conservancy Ontario and the Stratford & District Historical Society, in collaboration with documentary filmmaker Andrew C. Brown, embark on an extraordinary journey. We’re in the initial phase of a captivating feature-length documentary that will illuminate the heart and soul of Stratford’s First General Hospital: Avon Crest.

Avon Crest was more than just a building, it’s a time capsule of memories, resilience, and compassion.

Your Stories Await!

Were you part of the Avon Crest “family”? Did you walk its hallowed halls, lend a healing hand, or witness life’s most profound moments within its walls? Whether you worked there, underwent surgery, or shared in its triumphs and trials, we want your personal narratives.

Community-Built, Community-Healed

Avon Crest wasn’t merely constructed with bricks and mortar; it was woven into the very fabric of Stratford. The heartbeat of this small Ontario community echoed through its corridors. Births, recoveries, and the tireless dedication of healthcare heroes— were all etched into its timeworn bricks.

Preserving Our Heritage

As we stand on the precipice of change, we seek to honour the legacy that thrived within Avon Crest. Your stories are the threads that bind us to the past, the compass guiding us toward understanding.

Share Your Tale

Let your voice resonate through time. Document your memories —the laughter, the tears, the whispered hopes. Together, we’ll weave a tapestry of remembrance, ensuring that Avon Crest’s significance endures.

Be a part of history. Reach out, connect, and let your story breathe life into Avon Crest once more.

Email us at info@sdhs2019.ca or our Contact page and we will contact you for your story. Please add “Avon Crest” in the subject line.

Avon Crest: Where lives intertwined, where healing unfolded. Let’s immortalize its spirit together.