Ghosts are Inn, 2021 Tour

It was the perfect night for a ghost walk – not dark and stormy but crystal clear, with a full moon and temperatures just chilly enough to be spine-tingling.  On Friday October 22nd, the “Ghosts are Inn” 2021 event brought three groups to downtown Stratford locations. We toured both current and former inns, sites that some previous guests just wouldn’t leave.  We visited the Queens Inn, Bentleys, Mercer Hall, The Parlour and Fosters Inn, with stops at two non-inns, The Mill Stone restaurant and the Avon Theatre. 

Looking for ghosts on Wellington Street.

Most of our tour attendees were Stratford residents, with one larger group from London. They seemed to enjoy our tales of headless corpses, infamous murderers, strange noises and visions in the hotels’ rooms and halls, and the general, ghostly affinity for basements. We also included lots of history about Stratford during the boom years of the late 1800s

Attendees roundly applauded our tour guides at the end. I’d like to add a special shout-out to Nancy Musselman (for the tour script and background details, and for a great pre-tour of Stratford for Scott Boughner and I) and to Jayne Trachsel for the ticket selling and photo-taking (and a really scary costume).

Cambria Ravenhill

At the Avon Theatre

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