Historically Speaking – Series One – Limited Edition

By Jayne Trachsel – Being an Antique Appraiser has brought me into contact with so many amazing artifacts and people. Appraising is how I found the artist of the pencil drawings on the USB wallet drive of our new documentary series, “Historically Speaking.”

Ezra Kruspe

Ezra Kruspe, a young Perth County artist from the late 1890’s to early 1900’s, had drawn a whole album of wonderfully depicted scenes of rural South Western Ontario. These scenes are so culturally important as we have very few actual photos of rural activities from that time. 

Apple Orchard

Ezra’s pencil drawings depict everyday life. Scenes such as inside a blacksmith shop, inside a butcher shop, or outside in an apple orchard.

Horse & Plow
Shoe Shop

This treasured collection brings to mind the old saying, “Once an elder dies a library burns down” for it is our connection with history that helps us understand our past and build a strong community foundation for the future. Therefore, it is so important to preserve these artifacts.

What is so amazing, his collection can be viewed and enjoyed in its entirety at the Stratford Perth Museum. 

– Jayne Trachsel

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