Orr Mill

Join us for our Virtual “Ghosts Are Inn” Tour

Beginning Oct 22 on Facebook and Instagram, join Nancy Musselman as she weaves the tale of The Headless Ghost of 1876.

This is the one of the earliest known of Stratford’s ghost stories… and it all began with the rather grisly discovery of a headless torso floating in the water, caught on the logs of what is now the William Hutt bridge.

The Headless Ghost of 1876, along with the following seven other ghost stories to chill you.

Eight ghost stories in total, a new story each day as we guide you through some scary nights to Halloween 2020!

Theatre Albert

The Avon – Originally Theatre Albert – Learn of the beginnings of this building and all about “George” and his untimely demise.

Queen’s Arms Hotel

The Queen’s Inn – Originally known as the Queen’s Arms Inn – There are a few residents that do not pay for their rooms but seem to be happy staying on the premises well after they and their rent has expired.

Mansion House

The Parlour – Originally The Mansion House – Once the story is told would you venture into the cellar?

The Windsor Hotel

The Windsor Hotel – Not everyone appreciates noisy children in a hotel. The housekeepers don’t appreciate a little boy who “isn’t” really there.


Bentley’s – We are sometimes lucky to have a friend or two to drop in to see us. This building has a least four busy friends who we don’t “see”.

The Mill Stone

The Mill Stone – Originally Office and Home of Dr. Peter Shaver – Liquid spirits are not the only spirits you can find here.

Foster’s Inn

Foster’s Inn – George the bartender may greet you when you arrive at 111 Downie St. He may give you the “cold shoulder” though.

Pazzo Taverna and Pizzeria

Pazzo Taverna and Pizzeria – A literary legend still has his favourite spot reserved and that is nothing to TIFF about.

Our sources are stories from local residents, employees of some of the inns. Local history used in part is used with permission from STA. Photographs are from Nancy Musselman’s personal collection, with permission from SP Archives and Bentley’s street view from Fred Gonder with permission.

Disclaimer – Historical Facts as accurate as research has allowed. Spiritual facts as accurate as folklore concedes.