historically speaking video launch

SDHS (2019) Launches Video Documentary Series

In late-2019, SDHS (2019) began production on a series of short-format video documentaries of unique local, historical significance to Stratford and District.

The videos will appear soon on the Society’s YouTube channel. The first series of six episodes features stories of invention, perseverance and passion.

clive porter with andrew c brown and jayne trachsel
Director Andrew C. Brown, interviewer Jayne Trachsel with Clive Porter

Clive Porter (pictured onsite with Director Andrew C. Brown and interviewer Jayne Trachsel) oversaw the landscaping of Confederation Falls, interpreting the architect’s designs and even selecting the massive stones.

Mary Newel discusses her ancestor, William “Boss” Eason, one of 19th-century Stratford’s most influential men.

Mary Newal and Andrew C. Brown

Sam Ogilvie explains his instrumental role in creating an environmental awareness program that spread across the country from Stratford.

The videos were produced locally, supported by SDHS (2019) executive members Carole Huband, Nancy
Musselman and Jayne Trachsel. Micaela Fitzsimmons of the Stratford-Perth Museum generously provided assistance. Mark Legroulx composed the original theme music.

mary newel with michaela
Mary Newel and Micaela Fitzsimmons

“We hope the legacy of these local historical documentaries reinforces community pride in an archive of stories that would otherwise be lost. The active support of avid volunteers made my role as director so much more enjoyable and rewarding.” -Andrew C. Brown

Carole Huband, Andrew C. Brown and Rev. Dr. Scott Boughner “on set” at the Stratford Museum