Looking to Volunteer & Learn About Local History First Hand?

The Stratford & District Historical Society: Are you interested in the history, people, places and of Stratford and District? We are looking for volunteers. 

We are looking for people to join our executive members committee. Our society was founded in 2019 with representation of men and women volunteers from a wide variety of vocations. 


SDHS aims to advance public education and awareness of the history of Stratford and district by disseminating historical information, hosting events and organizing displays, exhibitions and performances. We seek to promote and advocate for the built heritage, landscapes, people, institutions and events that contribute to our region’s rich heritage.


The purpose of the Stratford and District Historical Society is:

• To advance education by improving the public’s understanding and awareness of the history of Stratford and the surrounding district;

• To celebrate local history and honour the people who contributed to its richness and diversity;

To work within the existing historic network that collects, preserves, exhibits and publishes material relative to Stratford and District’s heritage and history.

Proposed Activities:

• Researched historic lectures by members and guests;

• Historic walking & boat tours, and educational material to support these;

• Presentations by members of their personal collections;

• Replicating historic events, create displays, exhibitions and performances;

• Development of an on-line presence to distribute local history;

Any other historic public education activities that may arise and supporting programs offered by others within the historic network.

If becoming a volunteer on our executive committee or joining our membership is something that you might be interested in, we invite you to please email us at info@sdhs2019.ca 

We will be happy to go over more details with the interested parties by email. 

Thank you for your interest;

Jayne Trachsel 

Vice President