A Message From Scott Boughner, President SDHS (2019)

Dear Members and Friends of SDHS,

I am writing on behalf of the Board of Directors of SDHS.  I apologize for the late response. 

My first reaction was to get to Toronto to take care of my two sons who were forced to stay home with no money and no food or cooking utensils.  Dad duties come first.

Obviously, you are aware of the grave crisis facing our community.  We have decided that social distancing is an urgent priority and we needed to suspend all public gatherings such as the planned Meet and Greet for this Saturday. This is a caring and responsible response to the COVID-19 situation that the world is in at this time.  As a people of history we do not want to succumb to fear; at the same time we need to use all the wisdom of the health care and government at our disposal.  We need to protect our vulnerable people – and the number one way this can be accomplished is through limiting contact. This does not mean we are in total isolation.

Our board and committees can use our FB page, internet, and email so we can communicate with one another easily and safely.  Just because we need to be isolated at home for a while does not mean we need to feel isolated from each other.As always we need to remember all those who are suffering, those who are grieving, those who are travelling, the medical personnel who are working diligently, the scientists, the world leaders – may we be wise in our practices as we seek to serve our Society and our neighbours in our own sense of goodwill.

President Scott Boughner