Percy & Henry, The Lion Twins of Perth County – Documentary

Dawna Robertson, renowned wildlife sculptor and artist from Stratford

Ontario, brings her exceptional talent to the fore in recreating a piece of history. The Perth County Lion, originally crafted by the highly respected sculptor Henry Plasschaert in the 1880s, now requires a replica due to the wear and tear of time. Fondly named  “Percy” this majestic lion embodies the spirit of its sculptor.

With a deft touch and a keen eye for detail, Dawna meticulously carves out the essence of the past. Her craftsmanship pays homage to Henry Plasschaert, capturing the same precision and grace that defined the original lion.

As she breathes life into the Winterstone, a clay-like substance, she whispers her gratitude to the master sculptor, her creation “Henry” in his honour.*

“Henry”, the historical replica, stands as a testament to both artistry and legacy, a roaring tribute to the enduring spirit of creativity across generations.