Save Avon Crest Protests Continue

The Avon Crest protest in Stratford perseveres as the city council continues to shield itself with ‘in-camera’ practices. A dedicated group of concerned citizens remains steadfast in their ongoing endeavour to preserve Avon Crest, Stratford’s original general hospital.

Currently on week-days, they gather in front of the building, demonstrating their unwavering hope for the salvation of this remarkable historic structure.

While some may dismiss their actions as futile, it is worth considering the transformation of Stratford’s city hall. Once destined for demolition, it now stands as a prominent tourist attraction, evoking pride within the community. 

A revitalized and renewed Avon Crest, would be an outstanding example of historical architecture and the importance of local healthcare.

How can you help? Visit Get Concerned Stratford to sign the petition for a referendum.

Avon Crest and taxpayers deserve more

For further insight, we encourage you to peruse the letters to the editor featured in the Beacon Herald.

Questionable council activity

The community needs to be heard