Scott and Jayne

The Ghosts Were Inn – A Spirited Evening Enjoyed By All

How overwhelming and special, to see so many people come out to participate in our first event , Ghosts are Inn, walking and virtual tours.

Guests were not just from Stratford, but from many outside areas as well.

Getting into the “spirit” of the evening, Jayne Trachsel and Alanna Poel, were the inside guides directing interested parties to the admission table; along with one of our members, Lisa Hodgetts.

Nancy Musselman was the tour guide and Scott Boughner, dressed befittingly, with his top hat, ghostly tie and dapper suit made certain everyone was in place as the next location on the tour was encountered.

If a night could have been designed for this occasion, it would have been October 18. The air was crisp and clear with no cold chill. The exception would have been the “chills” everyone was feeling as they encountered the eerie stories of our spirits from the past that still inhabit our City.

Our thanks to all.

– Nancy Musselman

john goddard

Following an intermission for drinks and food, Stratford & District Historical Society member, John Goddard, author, magazine writer, and former Toronto Star reporter fascinated his listeners with the story behind his latest book The Man in the Black Valise. 

John Wilson Murray who solved the murder of Jessie Keith was the true life model for William Murdoch of the long running TV series, Murdoch Mysteries.

The Perth County murder of 13 year old Jessie Keith is the focus of the book. The Ghosts are Inn event took place on the eve of the 125th anniversary of the young girl’s death. 

Afterwards, the enthusiastic audience lined up to buy a copy of the book and to have it signed by the author.