The Railway Stations of Stratford – Video Documentary

The success of Stratford in the early days was dependent upon the railway. Railway stations were the heart of the industries; produce, furniture, and later the theatre which built the city we know today. It connected Stratford’s citizens to the rest of the country and the markets of the world. 

The last of the six main railway stations, built in the Prairie Style in 1913, is our present one. This station has been recognized as a heritage building under the Ontario Heritage Act and as a Designated Railway Station. A plaque located near the entrance to the platform commemorating the station was unveiled in 2005.

Allan Waddingham and George Hardeman June 5, 2005 affixing the heritage plaque Photo courtesy – Railway Stratford Revisited by Dean Robinson

June 30 2023, Metrolinx announces the  London-to-Toronto GO Train would stop service in October 2023.