waldie hotel

Rostock Village Building Models

Larry Waldie’s 34-Piece Collection Donated to the Stratford Perth Museum

Working during the winter months between 2000 and 2018, Larry Waldie designed and built replicas of buildings in Rostock, Ontario and the surrounding area. In addition to houses, church, barn and hotel, Waldie found time to replicate a windmill and outhouse. These painted wooden models show a remarkable attention to detail. Interiors as well as exteriors have been rendered in loving detail. (Removable walls and roofs allow a clear look inside to pews and furnishings.)

After Larry Waldie’s death in 2018 the fate of the collection was uncertain. Sandy Waldie, Larry’s widow, worked with SDHS (2019) President Rev. Dr. Scott Boughner and Vice President Jayne Trachsel to secure a home for the collection at the Stratford Perth Museum. The collection is being catalogued and an exhibition is forthcoming.

interior view of hotel